Manicure Mondays!

12:03 AM

Since I keep my polishes on for 7-10 days and sometimes longer because I'm just too lazy to take it off, I'll be doing a nail polish review ever other week and then a follow up the other two weeks. 

Follow up on Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 360 Barracuda

As pictured above, this is the result of a week on the polish. I did trim my nails on Saturday so the chipping isn't as badly shown in this picture. However, the polish did chip pretty badly. He edges would peel up and then eventually chip off. Looking back, I think I should've put a third coat on to have already opaque color and to try to hide the streaks, but I shouldn't have to put three coats of polish for this thick of a polish. Also, I hate putting more than two coats of polish on because it takes forever to take off and dry. 

Overall, I'm disappointed in this product because all the other colors I have in that line are great. Maybe I got a bad bottle? I hope so. 

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