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12:32 AM

Yes.. It's another category/series of my posts aka another thing I'm obsessed with... Organization (it's not the last one haha) 

If you're too lazy to read this, you should check out my vlog on my YouTube channel where I talk about the same things. 

As you guys will see in my future vlogs and posts, I have completely reorganized my room and all the things it contained, including my makeup collection.

Before, I stored my make up in a makeshift vanity (a small foldable table and a bed side table.. Pretty ghetto haha). Since I arranged my room, I don't have room for it so I've had to resort to other means of organization. And, I came up with this! 

It's a jewelry organizer from Kohl's. It was on sale for $9.99. Since I had a $10-dollar-off-any-purchase card, it was free. (YAY FOR GOOD DEALS!!)

It has a hook on the top and pockets on the front and the back. It has a canvas base and clear plastic pockets. I only use one side because I feel like if I add anymore products, the canvas going to rip haha. 

I store all of my eye makeup on it because I like to switch out what I wear everyday so I don't "neglect" any eye products (I know. I'm weird.). 

For my face products, I don't have many products to start with for my face. However, I only store my everyday favorites because powders are too bulky to store more than one. 

I only store my season favorite lip products because I have too many lip products to store on the rack. 

What I tend to do is hang the rack in my closet. Then, when I need to use it, I bring it into my bathroom and hang it on my shower doorframe. I love it. Since it has clear pockets, I can easily see what products I want. The only thing I have a problem with is that I have to carry it from my closet and back, but that's just laziness talking. 

Well, I hope this inspires you to organize something! 

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