Fashion Friday: DIY fail

12:34 AM

Last weekend, I went to the Alex Goot & Friends Concert. And since I'm such a huge fan, I made them t-shirts! 

I also made a shirt for myself. 

 I came up with this idea a few months ago. I thought that the solution used to dye fabric is just like watercolors and the fabric is like a canvas. So, I decided to paint on the design on the tshirts with a saturated solution of black dye. After a few hours of hard work and 5 completed tshirts , it occurred to me that I haven't tested my hypothesis. Ergo, I did with a scrap shirt I used to test colors. Turns out, I'm wrong. The dye smears all over the shirt and everything else when in contact with any type of liquid. *Sigh*...I was so excited that I had found such an easy and economical way to design shirts...nope... 

The lesson I've learned from the experience is to ALWAYS test my hypotheses because life likes to screw things up sometimes.. 


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