My first concert!

1:35 AM

Last weekend, my best friends and I went to the Alex Goot & Friends Concert! The concert included Alex Goot (of course), Luke Conard, Landon Austin, Sam Tsui, Kurt Schnieder, and King the Kid. They were all amazing and super nice. It was really great to meet them after the concert! I've realized that actually getting to meet artists and see them perform live makes you see that they are real people. In return, you become such a bigger fan. I kid you not when I say that I went home after the concert and bought all of their music. 

The 6+ hours of standing on my feet were definitely worth it. 

David from King the Kid

Sam Tsui 

Landon Austin

Kurt Schnieder 

Luke Conard

Check out more about the concert on my YouTube channel! There's a whole vlog dedicated to that day! 

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