H A L L O W E E K ! !

10:24 PM

Well Halloween was last week and these are my roommate and my costumes!

The first night we were solo cup and sexy librarian.
Solo Cup and Witch from Coven (American Horror Story)
School Girl and Walk of Shame

Christmas Present and Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's

My roommate, Niki, DIY'd her Solo Cup costume. She cut up an XL plain red t-shirt and painted the "solo" label with white fabric paint. She then tied a ribbon around her waist and on the shoulders to scrunch up the sleeves. Her necklace is made of ping pong balls that she strung together with string. Her Christmas present costume is made up of a green sparkly dress that she already had, a white garland that's lined with little candy canes that we wrapped around her waist as a belt, and a giant present bow in her hair to top it all off.

I did not put that much DIY effort into my outfits. The only things I bought specifically for the costumes was the oversized, men's button up that I thrifted and the sleep mask from the dollar tree. I had everything else in my closet. These were very easy and cheap costumes to just throw together. My co-workers thought my "Walk of Shame" costume was hilarious as well so, that was a bonus haha.

Well, I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! 

Comment below, what were you for halloween? If you didn't dress up, what would you have dressed up as if you could do any costume in the world?

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