Manecdote #1

1:11 AM

So.. I was taking a shower and I was thinking: you know people seem to enjoy my boy stories... probably because they never end well.. ha ha ha. Which brings me here, why not share some of these on here.. Ahhh where should I start. Let's just say, I've never had luck with guys.

A few months ago, my roommate somehow convinced me to open a Tinder. I never thought I would do this but I figured I'm in college, I can do whatever I want. Many "manecdotes" came from the "Tinder Period". This one actually put the end to it. We had "matched" and started talking. He was decent looking, a few years older, well read, but kind of boring. I was never really interested in him. It was just nice to talk to someone new. We talked for a few days and on the day I was going home, he asked me to add him on Facebook.

                This was totally weird but I figured I can stalk him as much as he can stalk me (what else is facebook good for let's be honest). This is actually how I found out he was 5'5" . . . I'm 5'5" pushing 5'6" and much more with heels. Height, unfortunately, can be a total turn off for some people. I happen to be one of them. However, this did not stop me from talking to him. I figure I can give him a chance and plus I didn't really like him all that much anyhow. hah

We had a long conversation that day about my hometown since I was going home. The next day, I was supposed to catch a bus back up to school but, I missed it. I, then, had to drive my car back to school. I texted him complaining about my predicament. He responded by saying "Why are you going back to school so early? Aren't you from *city that's very close to my school*?" Let it be known that I live in a whole other state.

Now, let's revisit the fact that we are facebook friends. When I had added him, I peeked at his profile and saw that he had just became friends with me and about 8 other asian girls. One of them who is from "the city that's-very-close-to-my-school" where my roommate is from. She actually went to the same high school as my roommate!

I added two and two together and realized that he had actually confused ME with one of the OTHER GIRLS he was talking to. After that, I was done. A few days later, I went on Facebook to "unfriend" him BUT low and behold, HE had already unfriend ME! I couldn't even lol

Then, it came the first week of classes. I had completely forgotten about him and preferred it that way. I was waiting outside of a lecture hall for my roommate and I look up from my phone and guess who I see?? H I M . We were probably less than ten feet away from each other and made really awkward eye contact before I bolted away with my roommate. BUT, not before I noticed the ASIAN girl he was with. Ha. ha. ha. oh yeah! remember how I found out he was 5'5"??! I swear he looked much shorter in person. poor kid.

Later that day, I was walking back from work and was about to walk into Starbucks to visit my friend who had told me he was working that night. However, guess who I see through the window??? you guessed it! H I M !!! and guess who's he's with??! A DIFFERENT ASIAN GIRL!! I mean talk about yellow fever!

twice in one day at a school that has almost 45k students?? why. me.
thankfully, since then, I haven't seen him. but with my luck I'll probably run into him tomorrow morning on my way to class... sigh..

ok this isn't my best story. I have a suuuper juicy one coming but it literally JUST happened so i feel i like i should give it some time before I tell it. but let's just say it involves this:

Obviously, I don't have a ton of stories to tell, so i'll probably end up tell some of my friends' stories. Nevertheless, they will be (hopefully) hilarious and juicy.

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