Manecdote #2

1:54 AM

Ok. Here we go. This date went well.. very bad.

       About a week ago, I was on a date with this guy my ex-coworker set me up with. We had met a few days before when I met up with my ex-coworker on campus. That night, she set up a Facebook group chat between the three of us. All was normal but then I noticed that she would duck out of the conversation for long periods of time - leaving only me and him talking. That's when I realized that she was trying to hook us up.
      As I mentioned in my previous post, Facebook is seriously made for stalking people. Since, we were chatting on it, I was pretty much obligated to do a basic check on his life. This is how I found out that my ex-coworker is actually this guy's ex-girlfriend... yes. She is setting me up with her EX. At this point, I should've known something would go wrong, but I'm young and naive.

Forgive me for I can be dumb... sigh..

      The next day, he added me on Facebook and we started messaging and then eventually texting. He kept insisting that we hang out that weekend even though I kept telling him that I was pretty much booked all that weekend. (I had to work all weekend, study for my Econ midterm, and go to the Art Building to finish my art homework.)
      When it Friday came, he texted me again asking about hanging out that night. I decided why not. We'll hang out after I'm tired of doing school stuff and have a TV marathon. So, our plan for that night was for him to pick me up from the Art building when he got off work. Then, we would get food at a Thai restaurant and then finally go back to my dorm to have our TV marathon.
      The time came and he picked me up just as he had planned. I walk up to the front steps of the building to find him wearing..... running shoes, sweat pants, a sweatshirt, and, to top it all off, Beats around his neck with music still playing. Even though I did not try at all for this date (I threw on jeans, a slightly-oversized sweater, and had my hair in ponytail), I was still clearly over dressed compared to him. I'm not saying he should've been in a full on tuxedo but, he should have at least somewhat cared about what he was wearing on first date. 
      We started walking through campus heading towards the Thai place. I look over to him and notice that I can see the top of his head. Yes, once again, he is my height. Plus, he slouches which makes him even shorter. His eyes were also set lower on his face than mine are so the whole night, I was looking down at him. I understand that this isn't something people can help, but it's just the cherry on top to what will be a horrible experience.

Oh yes! You're probably wondering, didn't you meet him two days ago? Yes, I did but, I swear we were standing on a slope and he was on the higher end because he seemed taller than me. Also, I was very distracted by his ginger beard. Oh yeah, he's caucasian, apparently it makes a better story..
       Once we get to the restaurant, the host tells us that it's cash only since it was pretty late. He says "uhhhh" then looks at me. I pause for a second and thank god that I brought my own form of payment because it looks like there will not be a point in the night where he will be paying or even offering to pay for me. (I don't expect the guy to pay on the first date, but it's always nice to offer.) I tell the host and him that I only have a card on me right now. He (my date) then says that "we can just go to a bank" and get cash. We proceed to walk a few blocks to my bank until we're pretty much there and I realize that I don't actually know the pin to my card. The night is really not going anywhere good.
       Eventually, we decided to go to a late night burger joint. Of course, once we go in there, there is a big group of very attractive, very tall guys. (WHYYYY MEEEEEE. Deep breaths lol) At this point, I already know this isn't going to go well. The conversation is uncomfortable and I'm uncomfortable. Everytime I try to text my friends to help me get out of the date, he stares at my phone. oh yeah, the burger place decided to be to-go only.
      There was no way out of going to my dorm so I just sucked it up and waited for the right opportunity to get out of the date. Of course, once we got back to my dorm, all of my guy friends were sitting outside in front of my building. While they all met him, I was racking my brain for the "safe word" we had come up with earlier. I could not think of "spumoni" for the life of me and my quick "HELP ME" looks were not getting through to my intoxicated friends. I, again, sucked it up and proceeded inside.
       My plan was to find a lounge for us to watch TV in and then I could text the guys to infiltrate the premises and kick him out for me. However, just my luck, all of the lounges were taken. We had to resort with my room. lovely. We sit down in my butterfly chairs in front of the TV and he is literally overwhelmed by the excess oil from his burger and fries. I was like are you serious. You're 20. get with it. I handed him a paper towel and tell him where the plates are while I set up the TV. This was perfect time for me to text my best friend to call me with a crisis in an hour when the show was over.
       Half an hour into the show, my friends knock on my door. I run out of my room thinking it was my perfect opportunity to get away. However, again, my friends are too intoxicated to understand "get me out" they, instead, thought I said "we're making out". I realize they are not going to be of any help to my situation and went back into my room and waited the rest of the hour for my best friend to call. After the longest hour of my life. I answer my best friend's "crisis" call and try my best to act like it was true. Somehow, he bought my subpar acting skills. We rushed over to my friend's dorm across the street. Once we got to the door my friend had opened for me, he still had not left. He just kind of stood there. Both my best friend and I look at him and I quickly say "have a nice night" and bolt inside.
Almost right as I get inside, I hear my phone buzz. Oh look, its a text from him...
"Hey! I hope your friend's okay. I had a great time hanging out tonight. Hope we can do this again sometime!"

I don't text him back.

The next morning, he texts me, again. "good morning *sun emoji*"

I don't text back.

That night right as I got off work, he texts me, again. "I have to ask, did I do something wrong?"
At this point, I'm in a panic. What do I say to him? Is he going to be waiting for me outside my dorm?
I get back to my dorm and I explain the whole situation to my, now, sober friends. They want me to send him

with:"Did you do something wrong"

I, of course, deny their request and go with: "I just don't see it working out for us"
He texts me back saying: "Alright. Thanks for being straightforward. Any particular reason I might ask? Felt like things were going pretty good in the conversation front."

          As I mentioned before, the conversation was very uncomfortable. It was mostly him babbling on about something and then proceeding with him asking me some weird question like "Do you consider yourself nerdy?" or "Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?" or "What's your relationship like with your siblings?" oh and my favorite "Are you Chinese?". like why. 

         When I had gotten this text, my phone was charging at a desk my friend Sam was sitting at. I told him to open it and read it to me. He then decided to mess with me and pretend that he was going to send the aforementioned meme to him. What Sam didn't realize was that iMessage automatically sends pictures you press on. He actually sent the meme. 

This is how the conversation played out:
Me: *meme* Sorry my friends sent that!
Him: sent what?
Me: oh nevermind there was a picture
Him: No I see the picture.


I don't text him back thinking he "got the picture".                ha..     ha..           ha..   ha..        ha..

BUT NO. The next morning he texts me: "but seriously, what went wrong? you seemed pretty interested until we met in person"

I am in disbelief at how relentless this guy is. It has barely been 24 hours since our date. When we texted (might I add which was like four days before when we had just met and started talking) he was nice and all but the conversation was still very awkward and forced. I really had to try to make an actual conversation. I just thought that it could be better in person. Obviously, I was wrong.

I finally just text him: "you're just not my type" and leave it at that. Since then, he has not texted me ever again. yay!

        This whole experience has scarred me for awhile. I don't think I'm ready to go on another date for a long time. It was just one thing after another with the places we went and how he acted. Don't get me wrong he was a nice guy but, we had zero chemistry and that was also exactly how attracted I was to him (zero). Looking back, I should've known this we wouldn't work out. From his facebook, he was clearly really into a lot of things I am not into like Assassin's Creed. I'm sure he'd be a great guy for a girl who's really into Anime and gaming, but that could not be further from who I am.

Things I learned from this experience:
-Facebook stalk with a critical eye. DO NOT give him the benefit of the doubt...too often at least..
-DO NOT let your friends text for you.

what a rough beginning to the dating world.

If you've made it this far, thanks so much for reading my Manecdote #2!! comment below any bad date stories! We can bond with our discontent for the dating world. If you're happily in a relationship, tell me how your guys' first date went. Give me some hope haha.

<3 <3

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