I Chalked My Hair!

2:36 PM

Ok, so after I posted my last post about my obsession with grey/platinum hair, I really wanted to try it out. The problem was that I just got my hair re-balayaged like a month ago and I don't want to go get it dyed again grey especially if I don't like it. I was racking my brain for ways I could dye my hair temporarily just to see if it would work with my skin tone and what not. Finally, as I was texting my friends about how my predicament, I realized that I should just chalk my hair! This was a really big trend a few summers ago with neon colors and then with pastels. I figured, why not give it a go! Plus, I conveniently had some artist's pastels (not the oil based ones) laying around.

I generally just followed my balayage coloring and I really liked how it turned out!

It was like the middle of the night and I had to get up early the next day to drive to Seattle, but I was determined. My hair was really gross so I took a shower (if my roots weren't super gross, I would've just dealt with it). Since my hair was already wet, it made it easier for the color to latch onto my hair. Plus, with my balayage, the lighter pieces made great bases for the color. I'm not going to lie, it was a somewhat painful process mostly because I have A LOT of hair AND I was doing my whole head.

had a little photo shoot with my hair when I woke up the next morning (8AM)

The chalk made the ends of my hair (where I put the color) really dry, stiff, and tangled. (It was pretty painful trying to brush out the knots in my hair that night before I washed it out.) Luckily, I curled it (part of the process that "seals" the color ...idk) so it still looked nice for the day. However, that day, I had to make sure the it didn't come into contact with anything wet and that if my hand were wet, I did not touch my hair. Why? the color would come off and onto whatever touched it. You can imagine what it was like in rainy Seattle haha.

a screenshot of me in vlogging because I forgot to take pictures of my hair haha. As you can see, the grey is pretty much all faded compared to when I just got up. This was probably around 3PM.

Overall, most of the color came off either by the wind, my hands, my clothes, the seat of my car, the rain, etc. However, it did give me a really great idea of how I would look with my hair dyed that grey! I probably wouldn't do this on a day it's raining again. But, if I were to want to dye my hair pink or something, I would definitely try it with chalk first.

around 8:30 AM ish after I attempted to brush out the tangles (the color comes off when you brush it)

Thanks so much for reading! 
Comment down below, what color have you always wanted your hair to be??

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  1. You should color them gray permanently! It's so cuuuuuuuute

    1. thanksss <3 I think I'm going to do it for summer


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