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I'm going to be quite honest, I don't all of this everyday. I love sleep too much to have time to put on eyeshadow everyday. However, when I do have time, this is what I use! The only thing I skip out on sometime is eyeshadow and eyeliner. I use everything else everyday.

Go check out how I do my everyday makeup look here!

I really like this for an everyday lotion. It's light but still very moisturizing. It feels oddly tacky when you first apply it, but it goes away after it dries. This has really saved my skin from the dry winter air.

 I've gone back and forth with concealers and I finally decided to get a high end concealer a few months ago. I'm really liking this one so far. It's very creamy and thick. I love using the Revive Makeup Sponge to blend concealer though. It's a great dupe for the beauty blender. I always get them at TJ Maxx for around $4.

Let me just start by saying that I'm a bronzer whore. I have tried an incredible amount of bronzer since I discovered makeup. I have chubby cheeks so bronzer is absolutely an obsession. I go through favorites every few months haha. Right now, my cheek contour favorite is the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish. I went to the counter and the girl told me that since I don't wear foundation, the Mineralize SKin Finish Line would be my best bet because it would give the natural dewy glow. She tried it on me and I completely agree. It looks really natural but still sculpts my face really well.

 I'm not too picky with nose contouring bronzers. It just can't be too dark. Usually, I use the bronzers that are too light for my cheeks. I've been switching between the e.l.f bronzer and the Body Shop Honey Comb Bronzer. I find that the e.l.f one is more brown and the Honey Comb one is more orangey so it really just depends on my skin tone. When I'm tanner I use the elf one and when I'm paler, I use the honey comb one.

I really like this palette because the colors work well with my hair. I used to use to the NYC brow powder, but it was too reddish brown for my black hair. This one is the perfect taupe brown. I prefer powder over pencil just because I don't need a lot of color to fill in my brows. This is great for a settle fill. 
I like to use the e.l.f. concealer brush over an angled brush just because it gives a precise line that's, at the same time, not too harsh. 

My beloved UD Primer Potion dried out a few months ago, so I decided to give this a try. I'm not obsessed with it. It does the job but I have to put it on strategically because it's slightly darker than my skintone. On the other hand, it feels really cool when you touch it so I actually end up wearing more eyeshadow because I just had to touch it that morning haha.  

I'm not particular to this palette. Frankly, I like the UD Naked 2 better. However, this is a great basics palette and there is no comparison to the Champagne and Light Bronze color. 
I am, however, particular to my brushes. I am IN LOVE with the elf contour brush (it's the black one). It's absolutely AMAZING. It's great for detailing, getting into small areas (like right underneath/on top of the lash line), and smudging. If I could only have one brush for eyeshadow, I'd choose that one. Plus, it's only $3 and it's extremely soft. The other two brushes are pretty self explanatory. Fluffy brush for blending and flat brush for overall color. I find that a flat brush will give you more color than your finger, which was what I would usually use. 

I'm also a mascara whore. I have short, stubby asian lashes that shoot straight down naturally so getting long voluminous lashes is pretty much impossible. These products make the best of my lashes. 
I love how the Shiseido Eyelash Curler is flat enough to fit my eye perfectly to curl every last lash. 
I use just started using the Lancome Hypnose Drama WaterProof Mascara and I'm in love with it. It volumizes and lengthens my lashes while still keeping a curl. It's absolutely wonderful. The only thing is that it's a struggle to remove and can get clumpy if you don't work it through your lashes a few times with the wand. 
The UD Cannonball mascara is another favorite. It definitely is not as dramatic as the Lancome mascara, but it does an amazing job fighting against my asian lash's ways. I wore this in the humid weather in Puerto Rico and it didn't even budge. It holds a curl much better than the Lancome Mascara and is much more waterproof, but it takes a few good coats to make my lashes visible. It's a very time consuming process getting this on and off, but it is definitely worth it. It's also a great lower lash mascara because the brush is small and the bristles are short so it won't poke your eye out, and since it's so waterproof, it won't smudge. 

This is the second one of the L'oreal liquid liner that I've bought. It has a super fine brush that gets right into my lash line and makes the sharpest wing. It's super opaque and makes the perfect winged-eye. But, since it is so opaque, it's not very forgivable so if you're new to liquid liner, don't get this. I would suggest the Maybelline liquid liner instead. It's not as opaque but it's very forgivable. It comes off with just a swipe of a damp q-tip. 

I'm not inlove with the smoldering eyeliner. I like that it's thick so it's easy to tight-line, but i don't think it's god's gift to makeup or anything. 

This is a basic necessity. I really just like this for the SPF. It does it's job and is great for just about anyone.

Products Mentioned:
Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing lotion for very dry to dry combination skin
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly
Revive Makeup Sponge
M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium Golden
E.l.f. Bronzer
Lorac Pro Palette Colors: Champagne, Light Bronze
M.A.C Paint Pot in Painterly
L'oreal infallible The Super Slim liquid eyeliner
L'oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner
Lancome Hypnose Drama WaterProof Mascara
Urban Decay Cannonball Waterproof Mascara
NYX Eyebrow cake powder
Blistex Medicated Lip Balm with SPF 15

Thanks so much for reading! I did a "Face Of The Day" video on channel where I do my everyday makeup look! Check it out here!

Comment down below, what products are you obsessed with? As I mentioned, I'm a mascara and bronzer whore. I've gone through too many to count. What's yours??

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  1. That is my favorite face cream! But it is oh so expensive! I ran out and haven't replaced it yet, but you just reminded me how amazing it is! New to your blog!

    1. I know! I wanted it for a long time but just couldn't justify spending that much money, but then I got a gift card and they had a promotion so I figured it time haha. and thanks for commenting! Welcome to my blog!


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