OOTD: Beach Trip!

2:59 AM

See my trip to the beach on my vlog here!

I finally got a day off this weekend so I went to the beach! Even though it looks like it's 80 degree weather, it is not. The sky is deceiving. It's actually in the 50's right now. very big difference. That's why trying to decide what to wear to the beach was a struggle.. but this is what I ended up:

It was warm enough even in with the wind. More importantly, it was really comfortable to just sit and read on the sand in. Wearing burks was a very good idea. I didn't wear them into the water, but i did wear them when my feet were covered with wet sand. They tried nicely and the sand fell off as it dried. When I went to Puerto Rico last summer, I wore flip flops to the beach and sand would always get stuck between my foot and the shoe which would cause painful blisters. This was not a problem with my burks, thank goodness. 
I really wanted to just wear a crop top since it was sunny. But, I knew I probably would've gotten frostbite if I did so, instead, I layered on a large chambray top and knit cardigan. I unbuttoned the chambray enough so that you could tell I was wearing a crop top while still being covered enough to be warm. It was a nice compromise. 

I recently got this bag from JustFab and I'm lovin it. It actually fits a decent amount of stuff for the size it is. Plus, it's such a cute color for spring!

Overall, it was a really nice, relaxing day off. I just sat on the beach and read my book (Crazy Rich Asians - really loving it so far) and took a bunch of cute beach pictures! Don't forget to check out my vlog to see more!

Thanks so much for reading!

Comment down below, if you could go anywhere in the world for a day, where would you go?

Right now, I would go to Hawaii or anywhere exotic. I just want to sit on a beach without having to wear a sweater and pants haha.

Have a wonderful day!

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