Spring Hair Obsession: Platinum

1:16 AM

I'm obsessed with platinum hair. I really wish I could pull it off because I would if I could. 

via Pinterest

This is more blonde than platinum but, it's still gorgeous on her. Plus, red lips and bold brows make it that much better.

But I am O B S E S S E D with her hair.
via www.feralcreature.com
I love the lavender hues in this one but I also like the blonde in the next two. 

via www.feralcreature.com

via www.feralcreature.com

Also, this color is really pretty too.

via www.feralcreature.com

But if I were to do anything, I would probably go with this:

via feral creature

I like that it's still grey and awesome but it's more of an ombre effect so overall it's still dark. I really don't think I could pull off full on light hair.

Thanks so much for reading! Comment below, if you could dye your hair any color in the world, what color or colors would you do??

disclaimer: pictures do not belong to me. 

Have a wonderful day! <3

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