DIY Trifle Jars!

11:54 PM

So, I made this yesterday. It was not only the easiest, most satisfying thing to make, it was also very delicious and totally customizable!

All you need are:
cake/brownie/cookie/graham crackers (anything that would make a good base, preferable absorbent)
whipped cream
toppings of your choice (fruit, chocolate chips, sprinkles, glitter,... really anything you want. 
...I don't judge)
jar/cup/bowl/anything that holds stuff (e.g. hand)

Now, just layer it!
2. cream
3. toppings
4. cream
and REPEAT! 

The crushed graham cracker is the best with the fruit and the whipped cream! If I were to make this again, I would replace the pound cake with the graham crackers and put fresh fruit instead of the canned fruit we had. However, what I made was still delicious and absolutely adorable!

You should definitely try this!


Thanks so much for reading!

Comment down below: What's your favorite dessert??

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