Follow up: Cinderella Inspired Hair!

10:11 PM

Go watch the how to video here!

Ok so in the video, I don't use a hair tie to tie my braid. Instead, I do this trick where it creates an inverted braid and is then twisted in a fashion that secures the braid on it's own. 

Does it actually stay? This is my post about how long the braid lasted.
I love that it's so natural looking without a hair tie at the end of the braid! It's like magic!

The messy curls/waves also add to the natural look.

I did this hairstyle throughout this week because I really like it, and it's also very simple. I went to class in it and it sustained through the wind, rain, and my constant fidgeting. The only thing that it did not endure through was my 2 hour nap after my classes haha. The dutch braid makes the braids a lot sturdier since it's attached to my head and not just floating on my hair. Honestly, this braid holds together better than any side braid I've done since I have layers.

 Going back, I would do the left braid tighter and better. It's too loose in the video. Other than that, I love this hair style! I hope you guys will try it too!


Thanks so much for reading!
comment down below, what's your go-to hairstyle?

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