The Wide Feet Dilemma: How To Wear Birkenstocks

12:50 AM

Being asian, i'm genetically designed with wide feet. Why? No idea. I'm not a scientist. 
All I know is that it sucks for the most part. 

Being a fashion fanatic, having wide feet is not preferable. Many cute shoes are made narrow or doesn't come in a wide width. The thought of even fitting my foot into Cinderella's glass slipper gives me pain. Needless to say, my shoe selections are limited. 

For a long time, I heard my best friend and a lot of my other friends rave about the comforts of Birks. This summer, I finally decided to give them a try so I ordered a pair (the grey ones in the video) on Amazon for an amazing deal (45$ + shipping vs. $132). When I first put them on, I was surprised by how stiff the foot bed was. I figured I just needed to work them in and I was right. 

In addition to having wide feet, I also have flat feet (yay me!). Birks' soles are made to conform to your feet (or at least to a regularly shaped foot). With that being said, I had to do a great deal of breaking in especially since they were the hard footbed ones. 

Like I mentioned in the video, my feet tend to rest right on top of the edge of the soles which is actually a pretty hard corner. This along with too tightly buckled straps caused a lot of irritation and pain on my feet. I usually can't walk for long periods of time in them. When I got my second pair that have the soft footbed, it was a lot better. With the new pair, I didn't have to wear them in for as long. The arch isn't as prominent and the cushioning saved the my soles. Also, the leather is softer in my new pair so it isn't as irritating when rubbed against throughout the day. It also helps that I put moleskin on the edges where irritation occurs and also keep the straps loose so my feet aren't constricted.

Note: birks are supposed to be worn loose. DO NOT tighten them all the way. 
You will feel much pain.

I've worn my new birks several times since I filmed the video and I've only been in pain once and that was slightly because my feet have been very sensitive for some reason. Overall, I still wouldn't wear them on a day I know I'll be walking around a lot because a) I walk really fast when I have places to go and things to do and having loose shoes doesn't help me ( I lost my shoe walking to class once) and b) the repeated rubbing between my foot and the sole/leather would for sure give me blisters. Needless to say, black friday shopping is out of the question.

Well, Thanks so much for reading! I hope this was helpful! Be sure to check out my video.

Comment down below: what are your favorite pair of shoes??


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