11 Things To Do When You're Bored At Work*

4:07 PM

11. Live Tweet

Since you're already so bored, why not share you cynical humor with the rest of the interwebs and live tweet your discontent! Why wouldn't a random stranger want to delve into your bored work life?! Make sure you use your own hashtag. You never know, you could single handedly make your hashtag trend! (Also... #LiveTweetingWork)

Time Wasted: 30 min

10. Change the Background on Your Computer

Don't be hasty with this; it's your computer screen we're talking about. Make sure to spend as much time looking through Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google for the perfect background to compliment your awesomeness. Don't settle for anything pixelated. You deserve that HD background. Your wallpaper will be the envy of all your coworkers. Also, while you're at it, change the screensaver too. You can even download a bunch of your personal pictures off of Facebook and set it as your screensaver so your coworkers will be able to see your face even when you're not at work!

Time Wasted: 20 min

9. Listen to Music

If you can, just do this all the time at work. It'll make actually working more enjoyable. Also, you can drown out angry customer's complaints with your mad beats. Then, even if someone complains about your "annoying" music, you won't be able to understand what they're saying! Kill two birds with one stone!

Time Wasted: all of it

8. Read

Okay, listening to music isn't all the interesting just by itself so, in order to settle your intellectual boredom, read a smart book. Make sure to bring that smart shit though. None of that 50 shades crap; you'll look like a horny creep at work. Just no. Plus, if you read smart books, your coworkers will assume your intellectual dominance and treat you with the utmost respect that you deserve.

Time Wasted: how ever long it takes you to finish the book. the slower you read, the more time wasted... think about that.

7. "Go to the bathroom"

This is the age-old, classic excuse. Use it. If anyone asks why you're using the bathroom so much, tell them it's personal and that you don't want to talk about it. They won't ask anymore. Now as to what you actually do while you "go to the bathroom" idgaf. I'm not the boss of you.

Time Wasted: 3 hours

6.  People Watch

This is only creepy if you get caught. However, if you're working at a service job, just smile and greet them to play it off (unless it's your coworker, then that's still creepy). But seriously, this is the most entertaining thing. Imagine people's lives outside of your work setting and make up their life story before ever meeting them! My favorite is seeing how couples act together and imagine their love story... oh the drama!

Time Wasted: 2.98 hours or until you get caught creepily watching a customer

5. Do Work

Unfortunately, this is actually an option. Sometimes, you just have to be productive but, don't let that ruin your mood! You can make it fun by rewarding yourself with food after work! Which leads me to...

Time Wasted: 8 hours everyday for the rest of your life for minimum wage..... Unless you're a man, then you'll work 78% of that but still get paid minimum wage. . sweet deal.

4. Daydream About the Food You Will Eat After Work

Think about all the Chipotle baerittos and Red Robin burgers and steak fries with campfire sauce. If you want to take it to the next level, look up food pictures on the internet. Have your food frenzy and try not to drool.

Time Wasted: 3.1415 days thinking about pi(e)

3. Sit and Contemplate Life

Think about the world and the people around you. Think about your life and how you can make it more fulfilling. Think about your love life and how it's going. Don't think too hard though, you might go into an existential crisis. Save that for your "bathroom" time.

Time Wasted: 1 hour of thinking 10 hours of crying about your life

2. Scroll Through Facebook and Stalk Your Friend's Lives

This is one of my personal favorites. Facebook is a great tool to connect with those in your social web, but it's an even better tool to peek into your high school nemesis' lives. This can be especially interesting when they go through major life events like weddings, relationship updates, .... pregnancies... I'm just saying; it's like your work Netflix. Once you've scrolled to where you left of the day before, it's time to move on to my favorite thing to do....

Time Wasted: 1.56 hours

1. BuzzFeed

It's great. Take all the quizzes, read all the articles, and watch all the videos. BuzzFeed will never fail you.

Time Wasted: infinite

Well, I hope you enjoyed wasting your time reading that especially if you're at work! I'm going to go take a nap now. Nighty Night!

*written while bored at work

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  1. Replies
    1. haha those are good ones! the bathroom is like a safe haven sometimes haha

  2. I think I would spend most of my time watching what other people do!


  3. Interesting ! 9 and 4 are the things I do when I'm bored :)

    1. those are good choices haha my coworkers and I constantly daydream about food haaha

  4. This was a very funny post to read haha! Loved it

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

    1. thanks so much! it was so much fun to write! I was dying laughing at work haha

  5. Hahah, such a funny post. ^^
    Thx, for following me. Follow you back on bloglovin....
    Lovely greets Nessa

  6. This post had me cracking up, good job I loved it!
    I blog about jewelry and how to style jewelry with outfits, tell me what you think.

  7. thanks so much! I had so much fun writing it haha. And yeah I'll check your blog out!

  8. Haha 3! I love how you wrote this at work! ;)


    1. haha thanks! and it was a really slow day at work so I figured why not write a mock buzzfeed post (I had been reading buzzfeed all day anyways haha)

  9. This is too funny! I loved the read!

    God bless,

  10. oh my goodness haha this is too funny... now I'm really going to waste a lot more time at work :)
    Sunny with a side of...

    1. thanks so much! and hahaha just don't get fired!


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