What to Do When You Just Can't Even

7:06 PM

There's nothing worse than dealing with people you're not fond of. I was planning on writing a manifesto on ways to avoid people, but I thought this would be funnier. 

Put On Headphones
This is the most common strategy. It not only drowns out the noises made by annoying pests, but it also signals to other people that you are not available to talk without even talking. When people still persist on trying to talk to you when you're in headphone land, don't hesitate to physically move away from them. When they say things like "wth are you doing?" or "hands up, you're under arrest", ignore them. They need to respect your space.

Put On Your Resting B*tch Face
If you're not already blessed with this phenomenon, practice in the bathroom. It will change your life. People will stop approaching you all together. But if they still do, just simply glare at them. If people start getting offended by your face, just simply explain that it's just your RBF, not actually a reflection of your discontent ;)

Your Kanye-spiration.

Bring Out Your Sass
If by now people aren't already avoiding you, it's time to bring out the big guns. There is no situation you can't sass your way out of. That's my motto (lol jk I hate confrontation). If you must speak to someone, give them your best sass. This is the time for your creative language to shine. But be sure to end with a short laugh so they know you're "just kidding" (you're not) : Passive Aggression 101

(me) -->

If All Else Fails, Have A Full Blown Melt-Down
If nothing goes your way, it's never too late to pull a #tbt and throw a tantrum. Who said only children can make fools of themselves (social constructs, Joycie, that's who. but nevermind that). The bigger the audience the better. Don't be afraid to put your body into it. Fall on the ground, kick your feet in the air, and scream your heart out. You might be shunned by your peers from now on, but some things are worth sacrificing. 

With these simple steps, you can finally bid farewell to any hope of "normal" social interactions ! 

As the Old Spice guys says "You're Welcome".

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  1. Hi!! I was wondering if you could post about good eats and places to visit in Seattle :) I'm going to be visiting soon and would love some insider notes!! Thanks, I enjoy your blog!! :))

    1. yeah for sure! That's a great idea for a post haha and thanks so much for reading!


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