8 Reasons to Watch Sense8

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I haven't written about a TV series in a long time. 

About a month ago, my coworker told me about Sense8 on Netflix. 
Starting this TV show was the best decision of my summer. 
After you read this, you better go start watching it.

A little background on this show.

Sense8 is a Netflix Original series that was released back in June of this year.
The story centers around 8 random strangers around the globe who are connected through their minds. They find out that they were actually born as a "superior species" of human beings called sensates (get it sense-8) and are being hunted down by a mysterious organization.

Okay. If you've ever watched Orphan Black, it's kind of like that, but not. 

Anyhow, here are 8 reasons why you should start watching this amazing show.

8. Lito is beautiful.

Lito has his moments outside his narcissistic self. But to be honest, he has good reason to love himself so much. I mean have you looked at his face?

It's even better once he starts talking. If this isn't a good enough reason to start watching this show, I don't know what is... I guess the other 7 reasons.

7. The picture is beautiful.

I learned to appreciate the picture of a film. Sometimes, even if the whole story sucks, if the picture is pretty enough, I will watch it till the end. Luckily, this is not the case with Sense8. It's a great storyline AND it's a beautiful picture but more on the story later.

It's just #scenery everywhere. I just want to double tap every single scene.

6. Riley's Hair is beautiful

If you've read my hairspiration post, you should know that I love light hair. It's just so pretty! Riley has the prettiest hair. She's a DJ in England and it totally fits with her aesthetic.

It's so effortlessly beautiful! #hairgoals

5. Wolfgang and Kala's relationship is beautiful.

They each come from such different worlds. However, since they're sensates they are able to understand each other beautifully. Their relationship is like a classic Rom-Com and lord knows I have a soft spot for Rom-Coms. 

4. Sun is a BAMF.

Okay, we have to love a prominent, badass female character. Sun is exactly that.
By day, she is the Vice President of a major pharmaceutical company in South Korea. She experiences misogyny from her clients, and her own father and brother. She takes it because her father's company relies on her doing so. However, by night, she is an underground kickboxer. Don't mess with her because she will show you who's boss. 
She literally punches cement walls. 

Professional by day.

Badass by night.

3. The general storyline is so complexly amazing.

I'm a total sucker for good sci-fi TV shows, especially if it has to do with super-humans. I binged watched Orphan Black and Fringe (and a bunch of other shows that I can't remember right now). This show parallels Orphan Black in the sense that it's a medical company hunting people; however, it's unparalleled to anything I've ever seen in the way the story is envisioned and told. The story so far focuses a lot on the individual and not so much on them as a whole. An in depth backstory is created for each character which forces the audience to connect with each of the characters. Unlike Orphan Black, there isn't one main character. They are all main characters; they are all interconnected. Also, since the story is told in such a way, there is a great anticipation all throughout the season for the gang to all meet at the same time and place.

2. It breaks from the traditional molds of television.

There is just so much mold breaking. It's awesome. One of the main characters, Nomi, is a transgender woman who's dating a radical lesbian with rainbow hair. Nomi is a master hacker and comes from a family of conservatives who still refer to her as "Michael", her old name.

Kala is an Indian woman pharmacist struggling to find her ground in patriarchy.

Sun, as I mentioned, is an overall badass. 

None of these characters are anything like what you would generally see on a popular TV Network. 

1. Lastly, Netflix made it. 

We all love Netflix and everything they do. 
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for Sense8.

If you've made it all the way down here, thanks so much for reading! If you just skipped to here, shame on you. Go back and read it. haha. 

If you haven't gone to Netflix and started watching Sense8 then go do that NOW! 

I'm so excited Netflix decided to continue the series onto a second season. I literally screamed when I read the news at work.

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  1. Okay I very much want to watch this show now that you've been talking about it haha and I need more shows to watch obviously

    1. DO IT!!! It's so good omg. Also only 12 episodes which is convenient but also tragic.


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