My Dorm Essentials:

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It's almost about that time again! I still remember packing my heaps of stuff to move to college! Looking back, I probably didn't need 5 ice trays or a pizza cutter. However, here are things I definitely needed and would very highly suggest you get (or at least consider getting)!

Camelbak Relay Water Filtration Pitcher

I, seriously, swear by this thing. DO NOT GET THE BRITA!
Here is why the Camelbak is better than the Brita:
1. It takes up less space.
Since it has a slim design (verses the Brita round design and giant filtration system), it will take up less of the already limited space in your mini fridge.

2. It filtrates super quickly.
With the Brita, you have to wait up to several hours for the water to fully filtrate; however, with the Camelbak, the water is all filtered and ready to drink seconds after you fill it up!

Seriously, get this.

I love having cold water at the ready and, I'm super picky about my water. Having this filled and ready to go in the fridge made it uber convenient to fill up my water bottle right before running to class! My friends would often times come to my room just to drink the cold filtered water haha.

Electric Kettle

Also, as an add on, an electric kettle is also a great addition!

Being Asian, my kitchen was not complete without a some sort of electric water heater. Whether it's for tea, hot chocolate, or the inevitable cup noodle meal, an electric kettle is the appliance for you. Plus, you can usually get one for around $10 at Costco!

George Foreman Grill

This was something my roommate and I used every single day. Our University, like many others, don't allow toasters in our room. (toasters can cause fires --> burned down building is no good) This was my solution to make toast! Also, I could grill meat and veggies when I was too lazy to haul everything to the communal kitchen. My roommate and I would always make grill cheese or, even better, grilled peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches. Also, if you have a leftover sandwich, just grill it so it's not sad (aka soggy/hard/just generally not good). Also, this was super cheap. I bought it on Amazon (yay 2-day shipping!) for $16!

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Dorm mattresses are as solid as a rock (which would make my traditional Asian parents very happy actually, comment down below if you can relate haha). Having a memory foam mattress topper made my bed feel like a cloud. Which, in retrospect, didn't help get me out of bed in the morning. However, with all the stress college provides, getting a good nights rest is very important. These can be pretty expensive (~$100) but it seriously was a very smart purchase. (I got mine from Costco.)


I'm constantly running late. When I'm getting ready, I absolutely hate not being able to just glance over at a clock to see what time it is. I like to multi-task, especially when I'm getting ready in the morning, so taking the time to check my phone for the time is too much of a hassle (I know, I'm insane.) This also helps lower the times you get asked "What time is it?" from everyone.  

I personally have an iHome so it also doubled as speakers for my music needs. I also had a analog clock I got from Ross for under $10 that I doubled as wall decor. 

10 ft Phone Charger

I had my bed lofted for most of the year and there was no way a 3 ft charger would've been able to make it from the power strip to my bed 6 ft off the ground. Having my 10 ft charger made it super easy to have access to my phone not only from my lofted bed but also from pretty much anywhere in my room. (Is it bad that I need to have my phone near my bed? I use my phone as an alarm OK.)

String Lights

These are the best. Dorm room lights can be very bright and obnoxious. These are great for when you just want to chill in your room with Netflix or even doing homework. They instantly make your room feel more home-y and warm. Also, there was a person in the building across from ours that had LED lights that would switch colors. Those were really cool too. Definitely think about getting some sort of decorative lighting for your room because it makes all the difference.

Velvet Hangers

I swear by these as well. I, of course, have too much clothes for a single person. Of course, I would have to bring my whole wardrobe to school with me - even though I only wear 10% of it... Anyhow, these were my solution! Since they're thinner than regular, plastic hangers, you're able to fit more hangers/clothes in your closet! Plus, since they're velvet, you don't have to worry about straps falling off the hanger! What's even better is that Costco sells them in packs of 35 for ~$8!! The only thing you should be aware of is that velvet hangers and sweatshirts or any heavy top with a small collar do not go together. I've broken several hangers from me trying to pull off my sweatshirt from the hanger. The velvet clings onto the fuzzy, thick cotton instead sweatshirts really well so it's not going to just slide off, like sweatshirts would off a plastic hanger. However, for any other type of shirt, these hangers are the absolute best. 

These are most of the things, that I can remember for now, that really made my dorm feel like home to me! I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting.

If you're going to be living a dorm for the first time, 

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