Things You Might Forget to Bring to College!

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We all know that packing can be insane. Moving out of the room you've most likely inhabited for your whole life is even harder! Well, I'm here to help you out. Here are some things you might forget when packing for college!

1. Can Opener

This may not even come into use; however, it's also something I hate to be caught without. There is actually not an easy, un-complicated way to open a can (that doesn't have a pull-to-open tab already) without a can-opener. Do your future self a favor and buy a super cheap one from the dollar store just to have in case of emergency. You never know if you'll have a sudden craving for Spaghetti-o's.

2. School Supplies

Yes, you'll need old school school supplies - folders, notebooks, pencils, and everything. Turns out, you're also going to college to get an education! There are some professors who will actually forbid you from taking notes on your notebook. Also, I always find that I remember things better when I write things down (hence the heaps of notebooks filled with to-do lists).
Here's a short list of things you might potentially need (also an ode to my love for lists):
-pencils (even if you prefer to have mechanical pencils, you will need a #2 pencil for tests!)
-pens (you actually need these for tests!)
-post-it notes
-stapler (or know someone who has one)
-Sharpie (or know someone who has one)
-pencil sharpener and filler lead
-scissors (trust me, you'll need this)
-tape (clear tape, painters tape (to hang up posters and pictures on dorm walls!))

3. First-Aid Kit

Band-aids! Band-aids! Band-aids! With a side of Neosporin of course. But seriously, I didn't think I would need that many band-aids, but I was sure glad I brought band-aids after getting lots of blisters on my feet and, don't forget, dropping a glass bulb on the floor the first night I moved in at 5AM.

Also, it's always good to have ibuprofen, allergy medication, DayQuil, and NyQuil on hand! Flu Season is at a whole other level at college. You're going to be living, studying, and breathing around a lot of people. The chances you're going to get sick is very high. Make sure you have medicine on hand!

4. Granola Bars

I am always  in a hurry in the morning, but I'm also always starving  in the morning. I don't ever skip breakfast. Granola Bars are a great on-the-go breakfast option when you're running to class. I definitely had a giant stash from Costco just for this reason.

5. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is super important. Also, there's nothing worse than desperately needing water during a 2 hour lecture. You'd be surprised how much water you'll drink while you're sipping on your water bottle mindlessly throughout the day. You should also try not to buy disposable bottles of water by carrying around your own water bottle. There should be lots of water fountains across campus and most coffee shops will fill your bottle for free (and even give you ice)!

6. Headphones 

These are one of the things that I always forget I need until I actually need them. Trust me, you'll need them to drown out other people or even to just fill the silent void (or avoid people, especially when you're studying or sitting on a bus).

7. Cleaning Supplies

Like it or not, you're going to have to clean your room once in awhile. Most of the big things, like a broom, vacuum, mop, etc, you can most likely borrow from the front desk or a friend. However, don't forget Clorox wipes, sponge & dish soap (if you plan on making your own food), and hand sanitizer (this can actually double as a surface cleanser with a tissue or paper towel). Again with the germs, Flu season is no joke.

8. Make-Up Removing Wipes

ALWAYS have backstock. I hate how with the packs, you can't actually tell how many more wipes you have left. I use the Neutrogena wipes and I always get the giant pack from Costco so when I, inevitably, am surprised at the end of my pack of makeup removing wipes, I will always have more!

I think that's all for now! If I remember more, I'll add more! Also, soon to come, my dorm essentials!

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