Last Friday Night

6:51 PM

So I know I was supposed to post something yesterday but I had an event and thought it would make a good post! So... without further ado, here's what I did last night!

I was recently invited to attend a gala at my university. It was a formal event held for some of the biggest donors. I was ecstatic to attend because that meant that I could dress to the nines. And to the nines I did. This was my process of getting ready.

First, I had to decide what to wear.

Pictured above are my two prom dresses (my school had a junior/senior prom).
I really like the grey one but it looked slightly off when I tried it on. Also, I didn't want to have to pull my dress up every two seconds. #straplessdressprobs

Also, I knew I wanted to break out those heels for sure and the grey dress would for sure hide my feet whereas the blue dress has a leg slit. I got them from JustFab. I'm obsessed with how they look, but I gotta tell ya, my feet still hurt from standing in them all night. They weren't as bad as I thought they would be though! I was standing for hours and only 1 blister!

I decided on my senior prom dress with an added belt to accentuate my waist.

I got the dress from ASOS.

I didn't want to pay a fortune for a belt that I would wear maybe once so I decided to make one! I bought the jewels and ribbon from Michaels. I sewed on the jewels onto the ribbon and superglued them just to be extra sure it wouldn't budge. I cut the ribbon super long just in case it would be too short. It turned out, I cut it the perfect length for it to be wrapped multiple times around my waist and tied without having too much ribbon! 

when your hair looks cray

Okay, so first I curled my hair with my new Nume 25mm wand. I was contemplating whether I should get a bigger barrel because I generally like bigger waves. I'm still considering getting a Hot Tools 2 inch barrel. 

when your brows look cray
I decided to make my brows slightly darker than usual to try something new. I discovered that I look crazy with only brows drawn haha. 

I wanted to get my nails painted in this beautiful champagne color I have, but I accidentally put it in storage with the rest of my stuff so I went with this mermaid green.

Eye make-up done! Brows still look a little crazy... or I'm crazy. I've been using my Lorac Pro Palette I got from way back when and I've been really liking it! I love how there's such a wide range of matte and shimmery colors!

Accessories! I actually wore these earrings to prom too. I got them at Forever 21. 
They almost look like Baublebar material.

Fake Lashes Vs. Just Mascara
I actually had a minor freak-out because I thought I left my lash glue in storage. It turned out that I had left it in my car! phew!

When you almost forget to wear lipstick.

complete look!

my brows' best angle

I was commuting from 30 min away, but I was scared that I would be stuck in traffic for like ever and so I left 2 and a half hours early and got there in 30 minutes. I was stuck driving around aimlessly for a hour. Then, I went and hung out with my co-workers for a little while haha. 

This is a library 364 days of the year. 1 day of the year, they turn it into a dining room. I was fortunate enough to be able to witness this *magical* transformation.

Yes, there was live music. 

The room was lit up in purple. There was so much purple lighting that there was short which caused a temporary electrical outage. This is, mostly, everyone's favorite place on campus. It's the famous Reading Room in Suzzallo. We like to call it the "Harry Potter Room". You see how this night is especially *magical*.

Here's my final outfit! Of course, I had to pose next to the giant "W". 

Overall, I had a great experience meeting a bunch of awesome student volunteers while we greeted and thanked lots of donors. Also, we got free food (big plus). 
I would 10/10 go again next year!

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