Cheers To A New Year

1:09 PM

I've officially started my second year of College. sigh.

Even though I'm already a week and a half deep, I'm still not prepared for another year.

In other news, I've done a lot of adulting lately.

First off, I moved into my first apartment!
Here's to paying bills and making your own food!

Moving-in was a struggle. To watch my moving adventures through snapchat go here!

I wish I could say it doesn't get more Pinterest than this, but it does.

one of my favorite DIY decor projects.
 I actually thrifted the albums and put vinyl stickers on the middle one to say "Elegant & Bold". I just loved the album covers and thought they would look nice in on my wall. Plus, all together, it was probably costed just a few bucks. I just used blue tape to stick them to the wall.

I'm a huge fan of photo gallery walls (my apartment is filled with them). I didn't want this wall too be too distracting so I just kept it simple. I still need to fix the chalkboard though.. 

lol the hand is from the boyfriend pillow my roommate bought for me for Christmas last year (Walter).
Funny story about Walter (if confused, read the caption above), he tends to freak people (including me) out because most of the time people just see a glimpse of a hand on an empty bed. 
Also, I DIY'd my throw pillows! The bigger ones have different designs of each side.

Last but not least, this is probably my newly found favorite part of my room. I have a cork board displaying all of my necklaces, which is actually not only very cute but also very convenient! Also, I'm obsessed with the DIY flower garland. I cut up a bushel of flowers I got from Walmart (for $3!) and tied them around some twine and strung them along my lights. It was super easy to do and I'm in love with how it looks!

I may or may not have stood on a chair and told my roommate to "act natural" to take this picture.
 Also, I might be obsessed with candles. Walmart has $3 candles!

I've been obsessed with cooking this one chicken dish. It's soooo good! And it makes the apartment smell soooooo goood!!! I actually might make it tonight...

More on my apartment later...

Anyhow, this was what I wore on the first day of Sophomore Year!

White Lace-Trimmed top from Urban Outfitters
One of my favorite tops. I love the detailing. (Plus, I got it on sale!)

Varsity Jacket from Forever 21 
I bought this specifically for the VidCon trip because all of my jackets were in storage and it was cheap, but I actually really like this jacket! It's light, has pockets, and goes with a lot of outfits! Good job past Joycie

Army Green Pants from Forever 21 
You can really tell from the picture, but my favorite part of these pants are the zipper details. there's two fake pockets in the front and two at the leg opening. I have a love/hate relationship with zippers and the leg opening. I don't really understand why they're there. There's really no use. Plus, they're annoying when you want to roll up your pants! But on these, they're cute when I leave them un-rolled.

Nude Flats by Sam Edelman from Nordstrom
love love love these flats. I'll probably do an appreciation post for these one day.

That's all for this week! Stay tuned for another installment of How To Live On A College Budget!

Comment below!
How was your first week of school?
If you're not in school, what are you most excited for for the next year?

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