How To Live On A College Budget: Food 101

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Also, a McChicken never actually looks this good IRL.

Sorry I didn't post last week! It's been cray cray! I just moved into my first apartment, classes just started, and work has been insane. But, here I am! 

Well, as you may know, I started living the college apartment life this summer and I've learned quite a few things about living frugally. Once I started writing tips and tricks to stretch your dollar, I thought, why not make this a series! So... here is: the first installment of 
How To Live On A College Budget. 

Let's get down to the business. (to defeat the huns) 

Food is expensive.

Let's do some simple math here. Okay, so say I want to eat Chipotle. I always get a chicken salad with rice, pinto beans, mild and medium salsa, corn salsa, sour cream, cheese, and chipotle vinaigrette on the side. (omg now I'm really hungry.) 

Chicken costs $6.70 plus tax. 

So, let's round that up to $7.00; we all know that extra 30 cents are just going to sit in your wallet for the next 10 years. Okay, Chipotle, usually, doesn't really last for a second meal, even if it does, it's not as good as it was the first time. 

Therefore, that's $7 for one meal. 

Now, if you eat that for a week, every single meal, that would be $7 x 3 meals x 7 days a week = $147 a week you are spending on food alone. In a month, that's $588! 

Now, let's convert that into something of value... that's 588 McChickens!! 

The McChicken Theory: thinking of money in terms of McChicken's (or any other food you really like) will make you realize how expensive everything is.

And Chipotle is one of the relatively cheaper options for eating out. If you go out to a sit down restaurant, meals can even go up to the $20's when including tax and tip - and that's only when you're only drinking water.

There's a simple solution. 

Just don't eat out. 

Don't get me wrong, you can definitely eat out once in awhile, just not every day, every single meal. Make your own food at home and pack a lunch. This is a healthier, cheaper alternative to eating out.

Now, when it comes to grocery shopping...

it's very easy to rack up a large bill at the register. Make sure to have a game plan when walking into your local grocery store. Have a list and stick to it. Don't get distracted by the chocolate sale on aisle 3, unless chocolate is on your list. 

Never shop hungry. 

I'm always breaking this rule and it breaks my wallet. I always forget to go grocery shopping until my stomach starts growling and then I end up buying the whole store. Remember to buy things that aren't going to go bad for a long time. Wasting food is like throwing money into trash. Just think about it in terms of McChickens. Every dollar is a McChicken. You don't just throw away a good McChicken. 

Secondly, when grocery shopping, make sure to look for sales. There are always good deals on certain brands that might not be the one you're used to. Most likely, they are the same product. Generic brands are totally okay to go with when it comes to most things. Always look for the best deal. You can usually find the best deal if you buy things that will last a long time in bulk. #CostcoMember4Lyfe

Oh, how I miss the days where I didn't have to pay for my own food.

Well, stay tuned next week for the second part to this new series!

Comment suggestions for different topics I should write about for this series!

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