What It's Like To Be Reunited With Your Best Friend

9:09 PM

 Hi. Sorry I've been gone. I've been swamped with work, school, life... 
haha not in my love life though... Anyhow...

These are my best friends:

We've all been friends for what is now 8 years and counting.
(We've quite literally gone through puberty together.)

8 years ago, we became fast friends in Orchestra. Sometimes, I think what if I hadn't decided to pick up viola in 6th grade. What if I had decided to join band or choir? I probably wouldn't be living the life I am right now. I really do believe that a majority of who I am today and where I am today started from my one decision to pick up the viola. Ironically, I don't actually still play the viola...(though I wish I did). If I hadn't picked up the viola, I wouldn't have joined orchestra and met these amazing beings. These girls have made a much bigger difference in my life than they know. They've taught me to be kind, open-minded, caring, a little weird, and thankful for great friends. I think Rachel actually got me hooked to the internet... Anyhow, after 6 years of non-separation, we finally had to split for college. Now after a year and a half, we finally got to spend a whole weekend together!!!

First night, it was Rachel's birthday (on the right) so, we went out to a nice asian fusion restaurant to celebrate! We had so much good food that weekend, this was just the beginning..

I was pretty excited for food. My roommate wasn't prepared for a picture.

Since we got all dressed up, we had to get some cute pictures together... lol

Also, we did purposefully kind of match...
 We're not usually those people but it was a special occasion!!

Of course, you can't have a birthday without cake so, we went to the Cheesecake Factory!!

cake galore... drool...

look how pretty the lights are!!

The next day of our weekend, we tried to go to a donut shop but when we got there, tragedy struck. 
We decided to go to a different donut shop that was promised by the yelpers was just as good.
Needless to say, we were very sad. We ended up just going to Albertsons and Krispie Kreme.

After our Donut Disaster, we went on our annual trip to the theater to watch the latest Hunger Games Movie! Well I guess this is our last one... :( 
Anyhow, Mockingjay Pt. 2 was very very good.
The funniest part was that the armrests at this theater were moveable (so couples can snuggle without an awkward armrest in the way). However,  I wasn't about to snuggle with the stranger next to me so I had to awkwardly put it down midway through the trailers when I realized that an armrest was supposed to exist between us. (Also, he tried to hide his burp midway through the movie and did not do a very good job at it...)

After the movie, we went to a Mexican Restaurant called "Azteca". It was SO GOOD. We had gigantic portions and had so much more to for the next day.

 But like seriously, look at how much food she has.

The next morning, we went to brunch at the BEST breakfast place ever: Portage Bay Cafe.

I mean just look at that. 
(It's a piece of french toast on top of a buckwheat pancake topped with freshly whipped cream, almonds, blackberries, and strawberries!!)

If you're ever in the greater Seattle area, you HAVE to try this place.

To sum up the weekend, it was so great to be all reunited. I can't remember the last time we were all together for more than few hours. It's crazy how many people you fall out of touch with once you graduate high school. Keeping up with people's lives outside of social media takes effort. When you actually make an effort to keep in touch with someone, that's when you realize who's actually significant to you. 

I know, there has to be someone reading this who doesn't believe that I can still be friends with my "best friends" from high school. Trust me, if you had told me 8 years ago when I met these crazies that I would be best friends with them for the next decade, I wouldn't have believed you either! But, we've been through thick and thin together and are practically inseparable. 

I love these fools and I can't wait for our next grand reunion.

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