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Sorry I've been gone for so long! Life has been insanely crazy and I imagine will be even more so next quarter! Anyhow, now that summer is quickly approaching, I'm sure many of you, like myself, are dusting off your resumes and cover letters in hopes of getting that summer internship you've been dreaming about. Last week, I officially had my first interview of the year and it was a doozy (45 minute panel interview ~ scary AF).

Without further ado, here's how to: interview.

What To Wear:

Goal: win best dressed. 

If this were the hunger games, you want to be the girl on fire (both figuratively and physically... well maybe for you, not physically, but for Katniss it was okay). Don't be afraid of looking too fancy. You want to look the absolute best. Throw on those work appropriate heels and strut into that conference room like it's nobody's business. Here's some outfit ideas!

Perfect Interview Outfits For Women (40):

Perfect Interview Outfits For Women (34):
30 Chic and Stylish Interview Outfits for Ladies:

You're looking for some mad Olivia Pope vibes. Find your inner gladiator and slay that interview.
(Also, don't wear sunglasses to your interview. You're not a Kardashian; put the sunglasses away once you get indoors)

What To Bring:

1. Mints

It's always the worst when someone has bad breath and doesn't know it. Don't be this person. And bring mints because you won't have to find a place to throw it away before you head in whereas gum you would. However, gum is always better than bad breath just find a scrap piece of paper to throw it away in. 

2. Resume

Though they most likely already have your resume, it doesn't hurt to have extras just in case. 

3. Notepad, Pen, Portfolio

For bonus points, bring these things and take notes when the interviewer tells you information about the job (anticipated start date, salary / pay, benefits, etc). It makes you look more professional and seasoned.

What To Remember:

Unless you're some kind of interviewing professional (if you are, comment down below your tips and tricks!), you're bound to get at least a little nervous. Waiting those few minutes right before your interview can be brutal. Here's a few things to remember:

1. To Breathe

Take a deep breath in for three seconds, hold for one, and breath out through your mouth. My friend (her blog's here!) taught me this breathing technique to help me calm down when I'm anxious. It really helps you not want to curl into a ball under a table (speaking from personal experience). If you're ever feeling super nervous during your interview, just take a deep breath (just don't make it too apparent or you might look crazy) and smile (not a creepy smile though).

2. Possible Interview Questions

I like to prepare a day (over even an hour) right before my interview by googling common interview questions and writing down what my answers would be. Here's a list of common questions:

- What do you know about our company? 
They want to know that you know what their company even does. Make sure you get this question right. They're looking for you to reiterate their mission statement in your own words. Many times, you will not be hired if you do not know anything about the company you're interviewing for.

- Why do you want to work here? 
Make sure it doesn't sound like BS. Here, they're usually looking for some kind of interest that would show that you would enjoy working here and wouldn't just quit after the first week. I usually talk about how this job would relate to my possible future career path and would be a great experience. 

- What are your strengths and weaknesses?
This question comes up all the time. Remember to make your weaknesses sound like strengths like: perfectionism (I'm very detail oriented and can am very passionate about my work and this can interfere with my work at times because it can take a lot longer to perfect a project and I can't fully manage a work/life balance). It's a little cliche but you get the point. If you're really brave, you can say laziness but, this also makes you very efficient. You will always find creative and effective ways to complete tasks so you will never waste time. I haven't been brave enough to use this one yet.

- Tell me about a time you faced a challenge and how you overcame it.
For this question, you want to think of a good anecdote and a way to phrase it in a way that makes you look good. Think of experiences when you're doing group projects in school. Work circumstances are always what I go for. 

3. To try your best not to say "Ummmm", "Uhhh", "Errr", etc.

I'm really really bad at this. Whenever I think, I tend to make some weird noise. A trick to avoid this is to drink water when you need to think, just don't drink too much water. Remember, it is okay to take a pause to think of an answer.

4. That you've been asked back for an interview for a reason!

There's a reason the hiring committee asked to interview you! They could've just as easily thrown your resume aside if they didn't think you had potential! Therefore, you should think of all the ways you are qualified for this job and how you would be the perfect person to hire. Then, try your best to show that in your interview! 

Also, make sure you leave a good impression. Chances are that all of the other people interviewing for that job have just about the same qualifications as you do. What makes you stand out and you. Let your personality shine through and try to make a personal connection with the interviewers! I've been personally hired on the spot before simply because I had a really good conversation with the hiring lady. Plus, if you get hired, this will lay a great foundation for a good relationship between you and your boss.

You're going to do great. Take a deep breath and own the room. 
The only person who's hold you back is you!
Now, go rock that interview.

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